Mould Construction

Mould Construction

Precise moulds are a prerequisite for high-quality parts. Composite Solutions makes moulds using processes that are custom-tailored to the specific requirements of each contract. Methods used include direct milling of foam, MDF, aluminium or synthetic resin foam using the latest CNC 5-axis milling technology; milling a model block from which a mould is subsequently taken. The method and material best suited to each case is selected according to criteria such as precision, temperature stability, surface finish, time and cost. Also possible is the casting of a mould directly from an existing or hand-modelled part.

MDL Series
The MDL series is an advanced high-speed giant 5-axis machining center which ensures maximum productivity in the machining of style models and prototypes, as well as in the finishing of large-sized moulds and aeronautical parts made of aluminium alloy and composite materials. Using 5-axis heads equipped with torque motors, optical lines with high resolution on the linear axes and high rigidity frames enhance the machining accuracy and finishing quality features. A wide range of models and cutter heads enable meeting any kind of dimensional and technological needs.

CNC 5-axis milling machine „MDL 12036“

Movement: Cytec clevis 20 kW: Control:
- X-axis 12000 mm - C-axis ± 200° Siemens SINUMERIK 840D
- Y-axis 3600 mm - A-axis ± 115°  
- Z-axis 2000 mm